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Hey You! thanks for checkin out ma site...on here i will try to put the latest on my fave bands...mostly Sum 41 and Not By Choice! Other bands im gonna try to include on here are Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Blink 182 and Box Car Racer! so look around and thanks again!

On this home page, I might include some information about the band's background or discuss how I originally became a fan and what I like best about the band.

Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often.

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Here I might put a picture I took of this band in concert.

I might include a band line-up like this one in this area:

Sum 41
DeryckWhibley a.k.a Bizzy D-Vocals and back up guitar
Steve Jocz a.k.a.-Stevo 32-Drummer
Dave Baksh a.k.a Brown Sound-Lead Guitar
Jay McCaslin a.k.a Cone-Bass Guitar
Not By Choice
Mike Billcox-Vocals and back up guitar
Glenn Dunning a.k.a Chico-Lead Guitar
Aj Bovaird-Bass Guitar
Liam Killeen-Drummer